March 7th, 2014

видео из брачного поведения - Манул в зоопарке Wildlife Heritage Foundation, Великобритания

Отличное видео из брачного поведения.

Вэй Шанд (царь) и Тула ​​(царица).

Зоопарк Wildlife Heritage Foundation, Великобритания.

"This video shows the Pallas Cats spending some time together. Tula (F) invited Wei Shand (M) over to 'her enclosure' and then tried to tempt him to go into 'her house'. Wei Shand was very excited by this invite as you can see from his twittering and chittering behaviour! However, being the 'lady' that Tula is she will only socialise with him inside her house, where Wei Shand probably has many scary memories of being in a house with her, as Tula plays very hard to get, even when she is inviting him to 'come and play'! He has to work very hard and use all his best moves and chittering behaviour to woo Tula! Watch this space for future updates on these two. If you haven't already watched our videos on this channel of the previous Pallas Cat kittens you might like to watch them now.
Video taken by Jackie Thomas at Wildlife Heritage Foundation"