manul_103 (manul_103) wrote in ru_manulomania,

Манул в зоопарке Wildlife Heritage Foundation, Великобритания - Wei Shand и Тula ​​иметь потомство

Вы помните?

У них есть потомство! Ура! Ура! Ура! :))))

"About 6 week ago our female Pallas Cat, Tula, gave birth to two very cute, little kittens. Their dad is Wei Shand. It is still very early days, but both kittens and mum are doing very well. This is her second time being a mum. This video shows the kittens at 5-6 weeks old just starting to venture out of their house and exploring their main enclosure. Mum, Tula, is never far away with lots of reassuring licks and hugs. Watch this space for future updates on this adorable little family. Video taken by Jackie Thomas at Wildlife Heritage Foundation
(There is no audio on this video)"

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